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Need a winning lawyer on your side who understands the unique aspects of Louisiana Law? Then please contact me. I am a tough, aggressive, competent attorney with more than four decades of trial experience who will fight for your rights and who does not simply go along to get along. Although I am always respectful to judges, opposing counsel, and prosecutors, I will push back when necessary and persuasively pursue your best interests regardless of whether your case addresses family, civil, or criminal issues. I also offer free consultations on personal injury cases.

From alligators to zydeco, Louisiana offers a rich natural and cultural landscape to visitors and locals alike. The legal tradition in this great state is equally diverse, with French, Spanish, English, and American influences evident in all areas of the law from adoption to zoning and all legal matters in between. Successful resolution of legal issues requires a lawyer who not only has a firm command of the relevant law but, also, the experience and know-how to ensure that clients receive fair and favorable treatment in the Louisiana legal system.

Mark A. Jolissaint has this experience and then some. He consistently provides his clients with tough, dependable legal counsel and representation in a wide range of legal matters. When you visit the law offices of Mark A. Jolissaint, you see an award-winning attorney with more than four decades of trial and lawyering experience, not an associate or a paralegal. If you are dealing with a legal problem, contact Mark Jolissaint today to see what a difference a truly experienced attorney can make.