• I have been involved as a criminal defense attorney since 1975 and I have handled
cases from traffic violations to major felonies including first degree murder.
Presently, I am certified to handle first degree murder cases as lead counsel.

• Often clients charged with crimes, whether misdemeanors or felonies, are poorly
treated in the criminal justice system and confronted by bad attitudes of those
working in the system who cynically assume that criminal defendants are guilty until
they’re proven innocent. As a criminal defense attorney, I accord to each client the
presumption that he is innocent.

• Understanding the special needs of clients who have been criminally charged and
who must confront the risk of loss of dignity and freedom in the event they are
convicted, I strive to attend to both the emotional and legal needs of my client to
ensure that they know that I am on their side as their case progresses.
• I work to ensure that they fully understand both the factual and legal issues affecting
their case so that they may make considered decisions regarding their options at any
stage of the proceedings.

• I am always willing to fight to protect the rights of my clients regardless whether
judges or prosecutors may sometimes be irritated or offended in the process in order
to ensure that the rights of the accused are not trampled upon and to make sure that
each client know that he is ultimately entitled to his day in court.