• More than forty years of extensive litigation experience in all aspects of family law including
divorce, spousal support, custody, child support and dividing community assets and
debts, and resolving the litigants respective reimbursement claims.

• I am aggressive and tough when circumstances require but I understand that the needs
of all clients are different and I am empathetic in addressing those needs and listen
carefully to my clients in order to properly provide for their needs.

• I understand that litigation is expensive and sometimes unnecessary and recognize
that part of my responsibility to my client is to work with them to achieve satisfactory
results as quickly and economically as possible without sacrificing their needs or the
best interest of their families.

• In every case, I will tell you what you need to hear and understand rather than telling
you what I think you want to hear. One of my primary functions as your attorney is
to help you through the legal system and to resolve of your problems to achieve the
best possible results for you and your family.